Workforce Mental Health in 2024

Learn key insights and predictions for workforce mental health in 2024.

What You’ll Learn

In response to the nation's worsening behavioral health crisis amongst healthcare workers, more health systems are recognizing the critical importance of supporting the mental health of their current and prospective employees.

According to a recent survey of 250 U.S. companies, 94% of employee benefits leaders now view offering mental health benefits as "very important" to attracting top talent, a significant increase from just 36% a year earlier.

During this webinar, human resources, and benefits leaders from top health systems across the country will share strategies on promoting employee well-being. The discussion will highlight key insights and predictions for workforce mental health in 2024, focusing on topics such as:

  • Creating work environments that safeguard mental health
  • Improving support for historically marginalized populations
  • Addressing loneliness and isolation
  • Empowering managers to champion workforce mental health initiatives within a health system’s unique landscape

Featured Speakers

Tatiana McDougall

Director, Clinical Culturally Responsive Care, Lyra Health

Bryan Fix

VP/Chief Human Resources Officer, Sky Lakes Medical Center

Jill Anelli

MBA, SVP CHRO, Tanner Health System

Featured Speakers

Dr. Joe Grasso

VP, Workforce Transformation,
Lyra Health

Dr. Alethea Varra

Sr. VP of Clinical Care,
Lyra Health

Katie Cullinan

Chief Human Resources Officer, Nuvance Health