How to Return to the Office with Mental Health in Mind

What You’ll Learn in this On-Demand Replay

It has been a full year since the onset of the pandemic and, with the vaccine rollout moving quickly and COVID-19 cases on the decline, many businesses are contemplating the future of their physical workplaces and how best to support employees in the post-pandemic world. Whether you are planning to return all employees to the office, going fully remote or taking a hybrid approach, HR and Benefits leaders are playing a critical role in determining how to safely and efficiently reopen their workplaces, while ensuring that your employees feel supported through this uncertain, anxiety-provoking transition.

In this webinar replay, you will hear perspectives and practical advice on reopening your workplace.

Hear from thought leaders Sheila Krueger, MBA, CCP, Head of Global Benefits, Zoom Video Communications, Bob Kocher, MD, COVID-19 public health advisor, partner at Venrock, and president of Lyra Clinical Associates, and Joe Grasso, PhD, clinical director of partnerships at Lyra Health, as they share perspectives and advice on developing a return to work plan with employee productivity, physical health, and mental health as essential pillars of your plan.

In this webinar replay, you'll learn:

  • Adapting your company policies, benefits, and communications for this transition
  • Considerations for facilitating or requiring employees to be vaccinated
  • Preparing your People Managers and HR team to help employees coping with new mental health challenges related to returning to the workplace
  • Facilitating employee productivity and connectedness in new remote / hybrid workplaces

Featured Speakers

Sheila Krueger, MBA

Head of Global Benefits, Zoom Video Communications

Bob Kocher, MD

Public health advisor, Partner at Venrock, President of Lyra Clinical Associates

Joe Grasso, PhD

Clinical Director of Partnerships, Lyra Health

Featured Speakers

Clare Miller

Mental Health Program Manager, Facebook

Dr. Joe Grasso

Clinical Director of Partnerships, Lyra Health


About the Speakers

Sheila Krueger

Sheila is the “People” in “People and Things”. Sheila snuck in the back door of HR through a secret IT passage. After implementing an HRIS for the HR team, she just refused to leave. Thus started a career that has encompassed HRIS, Compensation, Benefits, Wellness, Communication, M&A, and many other aspects of the People Experience. Currently the Head of Global Benefits at Zoom Video Communications, Sheila leads a team whose goal is to bring the culture of #workhappy to all of their employees. This includes implementing creative, diverse, and useful benefit programs for all with a focus on the five pillars of wellness. In her spare time, she runs a charity benefiting the homeless in Phoenix and loves to travel.

Bob Kocher

Bob Kocher, MD, is president of Lyra Clinical Associates, which works in partnership with Lyra Health to provide clinical services. He is an adjunct professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, senior fellow and advisory board member at the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at USC, and guest scholar at the Brookings Institution. He serves on the advisory boards of Harvard Medical School Health Care Policy Department and the National Institute of Healthcare Management (NIHCM). Additionally, Bob is a partner at Venrock and focuses on healthcare IT and services investments. Prior to Venrock, Bob served in former President Barack Obama’s administration as special assistant to the president for healthcare and economic policy on the National Economic Council. In the Obama administration, Bob was one of the shapers of the Affordable Care Act, focusing on cost, quality, and delivery system reform and health IT policy.

Joe Grasso

Joe Grasso, PhD, is the Clinical Director for Partnerships at Lyra Health and a clinical psychologist by training. At Lyra he consults with employers on mental health strategy and leads the development and delivery of Lyra's educational content. Prior to joining Lyra, he conducted research at the Department of Veterans Affairs and managed the rollout of a national training program for mental health providers.