Reaching Members Early with Quality Preventative Care

65% of employees say mental health issues are interfering with their ability to work. How can you reach people before they hit their breaking point?

What You’ll Learn in this On-Demand Replay

Living through crisis after crisis in 2020 eroded even your best employees’ mental health and motivation. Now, it’s up to you to give them the support they need. In this on-demand replay, we cover the top preventative strategies proven to beat burnout, including consistent coaching and proactive ways to address stress.

In this webinar replay, learn how to proactively support your people, including:
  • Why and how you can stop the “symptom snowball” before it goes too far downhill
  • The ways your employees can benefit from a certified, consistent Coach
  • How Lyra’s new Preventative Care Coaching offering addresses mild symptoms to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives

Featured Speakers

Shannon Daly

Sr. Director Global Benefits, VMware Inc.

John Senay

Manager of Corporate Benefits, Holman Enterprises

Susan Wyatt

Head of Customer Success, Lyra Health

Featured Speakers

Lindsay Leopold

Coaching Program Facilitator, Lyra Health

Arianna Schatzki-McClain

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Lyra Health

Featured Speakers

Sherice Torres

Global Director of Inclusion, Google

About the Speakers

Lindsay Leopold

Lindsay helps ensure the growth, quality, and cohesion of Lyra's mental health coaching program. She trains coaches in evidence-based models of care derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and supports Lyra's exceptional mental health coaches through ongoing case consultation and continued education.

An ICF-certified coach with a PCC credential, Lindsay has provided virtual support to hundreds of clients from all over the country. She's passionate about using technology, data-driven outcomes, and empirically-sound standards of care to further define the role of coaching in the mental health space, using both innovative and calculable modalities. Lindsay holds an MFA from DePaul University and lives in Oakland, CA.

Arianna Schatzki-McClain

Arianna is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Lyra and leads new product launches and market research. She has a degree in psychology from George Washington University and has been a passionate mental health advocate for the past fifteen years.