At a Glance: The Need For Children’s Mental Health Benefits

Why supporting your workforce means supporting their kids’ mental health

About the Panel

Sherice Torres is an inspirational leader with nearly 25 years of experience in marketing, brand management, strategic planning, and change management. She currently serves as Global Director of Inclusion at Google – responsible for driving inclusion strategy including employee resource groups, leadership inclusion councils, inclusion partnerships, events, and insights. Sherice is the mother of 2 boys, with a passion for revolutionizing the public education system in the US, and advancing academic and professional opportunities for women and people of color.

One in 4 workers are dealing with a child that has a mental health or behavioral health issue. But for parents, finding care for their child may include many obstacles such as long wait lists or expensive co-pays. A survey found fifty-five percent of working parents said they didn’t feel like they had enough support from their employer while they tried to help their teenage child. It’s more crucial than ever before that employers provide support for both their workforce and their dependents.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How children impact their parent’s productivity at work
  • The barriers to getting mental health care for children
  • The benefits of providing support for their employer’s children

Learn more about the need for children’s mental health benefits.